Create a Beautiful Home. 





Whether you are seeking a one time cleaning, a move in or out cleaning or are setting up recurring maintenance cleanings, we will most likely need to provide an initial deep cleaning in your space first. This will require more time and LOVE. 

In this first cleaning, if you have dirt that has been sitting for a long period of time, it will take more time and elbow grease. We may need to use deeper cleaning methods. A great example of this is to think of the task of washing dishes; Let’s compare the same dish, but with different levels of dirt. You have one dish that is dirty and un-rinsed, from last nights spaghetti dinner. You have a second dirty dish, used 30 minutes ago from a sandwich that you rinsed. That same dish, with a higher and older level of debris will take more time and effort to remove the caked on spaghetti sauce. Now, think of this level of dirt throughout your home on your baseboards, walls, floors, shower(s), etc. Different homes collect different types and levels of dirt. Dust, mud and debris can build up over time and in layers. Your cleaning will require increased effort the more time has passed between cleanings. 

We stick to a high standard of cleaning. During this first cleaning, we are cleaning the same surfaces (with the exception of any add ons of interior surfaces) that we would during recurring cleanings. If your space has been cleaned on a regular basis prior to our visit, or you have a newly constructed space, your cleaning may take less time if it was cleaned properly. Once your space has been thoroughly and correctly cleaned with love and effort, we can move forward with maintaining your home with our efficient cleaning methods.




A move in or out cleaning is very similar to an initial or one time cleaning. Most clients choose to add on interior surfaces, such as the inside of the fridge, oven and cupboards for this type of cleaning. Other add-ons include but are not limited to scrubbing of blinds and reachable interior windows. Add ons account for a significant amount of time and square footage that we are cleaning. 

A move out cleaning can be a large project and can take additional time. After furniture and items have been removed, there are surfaces that may not have been cleaned for a long period of time.

We work with new clients, existing clients and realtors to help make you more efficient with your move. Moving is hard enough, we take pride in taking on this task for you. 




Recurring and periodic cleanings are our most popular service. We build long term relationships with most of our clientele and get to know their homes and preferences, making home maintenance easy and manageable. We have options for weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) and monthly (every 4 weeks). After your initial deep cleaning, please contact our office at [email protected] to schedule. You will be assigned regular cleaner(s). Should you need to reschedule appointment(s) or your regular cleaner(s) are out sick, on vacation, or leave Ergo Errands, you will be assigned to other staff temporarily or permanently. 

We work hard to ALWAYS have extra staff scheduled to fill in or provide extra help on your job if anyone is out sick. It does happen, but it is rare as GOLD that we have to cancel on a client. 

Our recurring appointments are in high demand, you may be subject to a waiting list. While on a waiting list, we’ll do our best to fit you in on a periodic basis. Periodic cleanings are also a perfect option for those clients who need cleanings somewhat regularly, but less frequent than monthly.

Love Your Space 


Our Process


We take much pride and joy in consistently providing the highest level of service to our clients. In doing so, we build a customer profile with a map of all of the rooms in your home, entry details, pet information and more. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you. Any of our cleaners that enter your home will have access to your customer profile. This will help them to be as thorough and efficient as possible. We welcome ALL feedback and communication so that we can custom tailor your job, to meet your specific needs. 


Supplies & Equipment

We understand how important it is to provide a safe and livable environment. For all standard cleaning, we use an array of eco friendly cleaning supplies made by Ecos and a few internally house made products (made by yours truly, Ergo Errands). 

We don’t believe in brooms, we believe in the swacuum. We bring two types of high end commercial HEPA filtered vacuums to your home, one is a traditional vacuum in which we vacuum the carpets with. The other vacuum that we use is traditionally called a backpack vacuum. We call it the swacuum (sweep + vacuum). While wearing this ghostbuster-esque vacuum, we remove all loose dirt and debris. This method provides a more thorough and efficient cleaning than a broom. 


Harsher Chemicals

We use eco friendly supplies most of the time for both our safety and yours. There are a few instances in which we may use a harsher chemical:

• For oven cleaning, we use Fume Free Easy Off

• On request or per our recommendation, we can use a Soft Scrub bleach treatment for tile grout, porcelain, or showers with heavy soap scum. 


What Does a Standard House Cleaning Include?

Whether we are cleaning your home for the first time or on a regular basis, we are cleaning the same areas. The first cleaning takes more time and elbow grease. We essentially clean and / or check all exterior, non enclosed surfaces in your home from top to bottom. A standard house cleaning includes, but is not limited to; the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, livings room(s), dining room, halls, stairwells and any other indoor room that is requested for cleaning. 

Bathrooms include: removal of cobwebs, scrubbing of shower / tub and items inside, sinks, toilets, glass cleaning, wipe down of counters and items on counters, dusting of horizontal surfaces, baseboards and walls, vacuuming / mopping floors. 

Kitchen includes: removal of cobwebs, scrubbing of counters and items on counters, decor, scrubbing of sink, stove top and microwave, polishing of stainless steel, glass cleaning, removal of kitchen trash and vacuuming / mopping of floors. 

Bedrooms, halls, stairs, dining room, living room and all other rooms include: removal of cobwebs, dusting of horizontal surfaces within reach, wipe down of dirty / touched surfaces, light organization, tidying of bed, glass cleaning of mirrors, french doors / glass entry doors, removal of trash, vacuuming / mopping of floors. 

Trash Removal: we will need access and information on location of exterior bin(s) in order to remove kitchen trash and recycling. 

What is Not Included in a Standard House Cleaning?

Areas Cleaned Upon Request Only:

• Inside of fridge / freezer
• Oven
• Inside of cupboards / drawers
• Inside of trash / recycling bins
• Scrubbing blinds / mini-blinds
• Interior window cleaning
• Window tracks
• Detailed hand dusting during maintenance cleanings (default method at initial cleaning)
• Wall washing
• Light fixtures / ceiling fans / high up surfaces
• Vacuuming under couch cushions
• Vacuuming / mopping under and behind appliances and heavy furniture with low clearance
• Exterior surfaces and areas on property such as a porch, walkways or garage (must be dry)
• Organization projects
• Changing of towel linens or sheets
• Wash, dry, fold and / or put away laundry
• Ironing
• Litter box care
• Pet feeding

Areas Cleaned, with a Signed Waiver from Client: Due to liability, we will not scoot / move any appliances or heavy furniture without a signed waiver from a client. Any areas under these surfaces (such as a fridge, oven or couch) will not be cleaned unless the item has been moved in advance or a waiver is signed. If the waiver is signed and in the event that the item is too heavy to move for our team, cleaning under this surface will be skipped.

Areas and Surfaces We’re Unable to Clean: Bio-hazard waste, excessive mold and exterior window cleaning. For high up surfaces (3 ft or higher), we leave it to the discretion of our staff to commit to cleaning high up spaces that require a ladder. Our staff reserve the right to decline providing this service.  

Service Quality Guarantee

We take pride in getting your job done right the first time. We are a human powered service, prone to human error. If you aren’t satisfied with services rendered or change your mind after a job has been completed, you are still responsible for full payment. However, we will make a trip free of charge or give a service credit if a task was overlooked or a task was not completed properly when given the original instructions. If you choose to complete the skipped task yourself, this agreement will not apply. Any changes / out of the ordinary tasks that need special attention must be communicated in advance in order for this agreement to apply. 





Preparing For Your Cleaning

We offer basic organizational services during cleanings and can pick up your space. We charge by the hour per person, so the more organization we do in your space, the higher the cost.


Arrival Time

Please note that we arrive during an approximate window of time. This is due to variability with previous jobs and travel times during the day. You can request that your cleaner(s) text or call you when they are around 30min - 1 hour away. Our first appointments of the day are the most predictable.  


Walk Through

If you would like to do a walk through, we provide a free 15 minute consultation (only for initial cleanings), to go over the details of your job with your team leader while the rest of the team gets started on your job. 


Keys / Home Entry

For your safety, we do not keep clients keys on hand. This prevents theft or loss of keys and increases the time efficiency of our staff’s workday. For entry, we find it the most convenient for both our cleaners and clients if you leave a hide a key in a discreet location. For a minimal cost, you can purchase a key lock box and attach this to the side of your home. Should you choose to keep a lock box around your home, there is an added benefit! You will never be locked out of your own home. 


• Provide a key with a fixed, on-site discreet location

• Provide access to a coded / app based lock

• Provide access to a garage code (door to house leading into garage must be unlocked)

• Be home to let your team in

• Concierge in a secured entry building will provide key / entry access

For those clients that live in a secured access entry building with no concierge, we can store an entry key fob and key for a yearly storage charge.



We love animals! All animals are created differently, just as humans are. Please provide us with information on your pets, such as names, preferences and any medical conditions we may need to be aware of. 




For all cleanings, we charge by the hour per person. Any quote(s) that you receive will be based off of an average time that it takes us to clean any rooms / tasks that you’ve requested. The actual price for a full cleaning may be above or below the price of your quote. 



If you need to cancel for any reason, we ask that you provide a minimum of 2 business days before your scheduled appointment, to avoid a $100 cancellation fee. Providing enough notice prior to your cancellation will allow us enough time to book another appointment in your open spot. In return, our hard working staff will continue to have promised hours and excellent paying jobs. 

In cases of lock outs preventing home entry, sending a team away upon arrival, building / home maintenance issues (water shut offs, electricity outages, etc.), this fee still applies. The fee may be waived if there is a terrible last minute emergency. 

In the rare event that Ergo Errands has to cancel your cleaning with less than 48 hours before service, we will provide you with a credit of $100 towards your next cleaning. This excludes inclement weather events. 



A $100 deposit is due a minimum of 2 business days prior to scheduled service. If booking occurs less than 2 business days before scheduled service, the deposit is due at time of booking. If your estimate or budget is 12 or more person hours, we will collect a 50% deposit. In the event of a same day cancellation, this deposit will not be refunded. 1-2 business days prior, we will refund all but $100. Cancellation more than 2 business days prior, the deposit will be fully refunded. 

Deposit amount will be deducted from your final bill.

Deposit is fully refundable provided the client notifies and confirms their cancellation with Ergo Errands, no less than 2 full business days before scheduled service. In the event of cancellation less than 2 business days before scheduled service or a lock out on the day of service, the deposit will not be refunded. If service is cancelled due to inclement weather or other disaster, deposit will either be refunded or credited to a new appointment. 



We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We can keep your credit card on file for your cleaning and for future cleanings. Please call our office at 503-360-6432 to provide this information. Check can be mailed to our PO Box. Upon fulfillment of your job, you will be sent an invoice within 2 business days. 



We are a very low profit margin business. It is important that we are able to continue to pay our staff for their hard earned wages. We ask that you pay your bill within 7 days of work performed. Any invoices past due by 30 days are subject to a $50 late payment fee.



If you live in an area with paid parking and we need to use meters, we will pay for parking up front and bill you at the end of your cleaning. Our charges begin upon arrival in your driveway and / or the time it takes to find parking, to load in and load out of the supplies.



Tipping is encouraged, but not required. Your cleaner(s) can accept a tip in cash or added to a credit card charge. Our team has accepted tips in various shapes and sizes! Over the years we’ve had clients give us tomatoes from the garden, coffee beans, chocolate, clothing donations, or simply a handwritten thank you note. We appreciate our clients and we love making lives beautiful. We graciously accept appreciation in return, in all forms. 


Service Limitations

Texting and Calling Staff

Our staff use their personal smartphones to contact you when in transit to your job or with any questions and concerns during your job. Please contact our office via text or call at 503-360-6432 or at [email protected] with any communications beyond the the hours of when work is being done for you. Staff phones are their personal property and we respect their time off. 

Please communicate any updates about your job, entry, customer profile specs, etc. with our office so that we can make sure your details are properly communicated to the right staff and are added to your profile for future communications. 


Bio-hazard Waste 

Any bodily fluids, such as urine, blood, vomit, feces, etc. fall under the category of bio-hazard waste cleanup. Bio-hazard cleaning is not a service that we provide. We can refer you to a number of local services for this. Beyond waste of inside of toilets and litter boxes, we can remove pet bio-hazard urine, feces and vomit waste for a fee of $100 per square foot, up to two square feet maximum. 



Ergo Errands will replace or repair any damaged or broken items that we are responsible for breaking. Depending on cost of repair or replacement, there will be correspondence with our insurance company. Ergo Errands must be notified within one week and the request for replacement must be within one month. 


Inclement Weather

The safety of our team is of the utmost importance. In the rare event that Portland experiences inclement weather, we may have to modify, cancel or reschedule your job at a moments notice. In cases of ice / snow, we may require you to shovel, de-ice / salt all access points, driveways and walkways to and from your home so that our staff can safely walk and carry supplies without risk of injury. In this instance, the service credit for a last minute cancellation does not apply. 



We will not participate in any illegal activity. If we feel that a situation is unsafe, uncomfortable or compromises our morality, we reserve the right to refuse or modify service. We do not tolerate sexual harassment. We will not disclose any customer information to any third parties unless we have been subjected to any of the above situations. 


Lifting Limits

For the safety of ours staff, we will not lift over 30 lbs. We can move smaller and light items in order to clean under and around them. Our clients are welcome to move heavier furniture so that we can dust, wipe down, vacuum and mop an area. To prevent the risk of damage to your floors and furniture, we will not scoot furniture or appliances unless a client signs a waiver in which Ergo Errands is released from responsibility of damage. 


Client Confidentiality

Ergo Errands staff abide to strict client non disclosure policies. Staff are prohibited from releasing any information or pictures of you or your property to third parties. We will ask your permission to allow photography of your home for before and after pictures or of our team in action for advertising and social media promotional purposes.