Live with Purpose


Home Organization

There are many concepts and ideas when it comes to the topic and task of home organization. Some live by Feng Shui, some are seeking the next best organization tactic by Martha Stewart. Others simply live in a state of chaos, not knowing where to begin with home organization. We get it -- we've worked with all types of people and many different living situations. Home organization is a process and a project of transformation. For best form, function and purposeful home living, organization needs to be done right, the first time around. Once a space has proper order, it's best to maintain it on a periodic basis. 

Ergo Errands can take on home organization projects for existing house cleaning clients and new clients, on request. For most organization projects, we must be able to work with our clients in collaboration, to learn about specific needs and how to best organize a space. To check our availability, email us at [email protected] Below is more information on what to expect during an organization project:


Create Chaos

Understand that organizing is a process. You have to dismantle everything, take things apart and out of drawers, nooks and crannies. You must lay it all out in front of you. Your space may be a chaotic mess at first. It will look like the exact opposite of what your end goal is. The objective here is to have an understanding of all that you own. This way, "like items" can be placed together. You may be surprised to find that you have multiples of items.  Do you have 5 ketchup bottles in your fridge that were half full? You can only consolidate and throw out the old when you are aware that you have those items in the first place. 

Learn to love accept this process, as hard or emotionally exhausting as it may be. You will get through it, if you keep moving forward. 

Find Purpose

Get rid of the items that you don’t love. If you haven’t used it in over a year and something doesn’t have some sentimental value, we encourage you to get rid of it. Sell, donate or trash it depending on the item. We find that most people, when attached to too many items, are weighed down. The things you own will end up owning you. 

Once you find what items are staying, and what items are going, you will now find a place for everything. At this point, we will often recommend organizational tools, such as containers and labels, to store and access your items. 

The reason why we like to collaborate with our clients when organizing a space is to make it functional for YOU. Not everybody is a kombucha brewing aficionado or a mad scientist. BUT, if you were, we may want to integrate these hobbies and passions into the organization process and make them easily accessible. We want you to be able to enjoy your space, to best fit for your life style.


Finally, if you want to stay organized, this is not a one time thing. Every item should have a place in your space, where it lives. You have to build habits of organization in your life. We encourage our clients to organize (or have their space organized by us) at least once per week. The more you integrate this into your life as a habit, instead of a chore, organized becomes a way of living.