Budget Form

We charge $50/hr, per person. Your final bill is directly tied to the amount of time spent on your job, at our hourly rate. Optionally, you can set a budgeted price to not exceed during a cleaning.

The quote you've received is based off of time averages that we meet for other jobs like yours.

The actual time / price to complete each of the rooms may be more or less than quoted, depending on the level of cleaning your space needs. We give our clients two options for pricing structure on their cleanings.


Pricing Options

Option #1

You can hire us for a full cleaning, with no budget. We will still check in with you, once we reach the amount we’ve quoted you for, if we begin to exceed this. You can skip filling out this form, if you are hiring us for a full cleaning.

Option #2

You have a budget and would like to hire us for a partial cleaning. We will work down your list of priority rooms in order of highest to lowest until time is up.