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Our mission is to fill your home with positive energy and a fresh start. We are a sustainability focused service, powered by humans, working for humans. We stand and advocate for fair labor practices. We provide a very personalized service in our clients homes and we never settle for less than the best staff!


Relax, help is here. 

Our Staff: All of our staff go through a 3 step interview process, background check and a 2-3 month thorough training, one on one, with our qualified trainers. Our training program is top notch. We are licensed, bonded and insured, bring eco friendly cleaning supplies and top quality commercial equipment. 

How We Work: Our hourly rate is $50/hr per person. We have a 4 person hour minimum for new clients and 2 person hour minimum for recurring or periodic clients. You are only charged for the time that our staff are working in your space. You have the option of hiring us for a full cleaning, or for a specified amount of hours. We service within the Portland City limits. 

initial / one time cleaning

For new clients who are seeking recurring or periodic cleanings, or a one time cleaning. 

move in / out cleaning

For new or existing clients who are moving in or out of their space. 

recurring or periodic cleanings

For clients who are seeking cleaning help on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or periodic basis. 


“Being human and being treated humanely is not a privilege, it's a right. "

Lora ladd  |  Founder


Our Story

Many businesses and new ventures began during the great recession of 2008, including Ergo Errands. With a passion for the service industry and creating beautiful experiences for others, our founder Lora Ladd embarked on a new adventure. Ergo Errands was born. With a few years of graphic design, marketing and corporate world experience in her toolkit, she spent an entire tireless summer passing out flyers on doorsteps and servicing the initial clients of Ergo Errands. Lora spent years developing the best, most efficient cleaning / organizational practices and training processes before building a team. Down to each brush, rag, vacuum and cleaning checklist we use, our founder has tested and approved them.


Our mission has sustained over the years: to refresh lives and create a beautiful space for our clients, to live, work and play in. Cleaning and home organization is a task that is continuous and repetitive. Removing this necessary task from someones plate is gratifying for both our clients and our team. 


Today, Ergo Errands has a team of AMAZING staff, all with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Most of our staff call their co-workers a second family. We stick to a value system of “people over profit”. Meaning, we value our staff and treat them well. Our profit margin is low and our staff wages are sustainably focused. Most service based jobs, especially in the house cleaning industry, are known for a poverty level income. The cost of living has increased, and wages have shown little growth for decades. Our sole income is the hourly rate that we charge, which goes towards sustainable wages. We pay our staff for their travel time in between jobs, office time, include tax withholdings / employer paid taxes and up to 40 hours of sick pay per year. We cover liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and provide support in the office while they are in the field. We truly care that our staff are not a cog in a machine, are truly heard, cared for, and are positive contributors at Ergo Errands and in our community.





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